As businesses continue to focus on collaboration and flexibility, employee well-being and the use of technology for audiovisual, it will continue to play a vital role in meeting rooms. Many companies already utilize conference room technology, such as digital whiteboards that allow for communication between team members.

There’s plenty of AV technology to make your next office renovation successful whether you require simple wireless solutions or a high-quality 4K videoconferencing system. In the coming year we’ll see improvements in the technology used to create meeting rooms including wireless presentations interactive displays, as well as enhanced security.

You no longer need to rely upon bulky expensive integrated systems that require costly infrastructure upgrade. Plug-and play speakers, like the Nureva HDL-300 can be used to provide great sound and mask distracting background sounds in meetings, without damaging the existing technology in their office.

For larger meeting rooms, smart windows that can adjust the opacity of glass could ensure that everyone in the room is able to clearly see a presentation or videoconference. Glass Apps’ Smart Film and other products like Glass Apps’ Smart Film can be used to create an intelligent window that can be activated during meetings and shut down when it’s not being used.

As the world becomes more connected videoconferencing technology can allow team members to talk as if they are all in the same space. The most recent videoconferencing systems have a high-definition cameras, sophisticated audio and advanced processing algorithms to provide a realistic, seamless experience.

AV Tech Advancements in Board Room Technology

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